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SNOLAB Experiment: SuperCDMS

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SuperCDMS is the next phase of the highly successful Cryogenic Dark Matter Search experiment (CDMS) using semiconductor crystals at cryogenic temperatures.

The experiment has recently concluded operations in the Soudan mine in the USA, and will relocate to SNOLAB to benefit from the greater depth to achieve increased sensitivity.

SuperCDMS has high sensitivity to low-mass dark matter with spin-independent interactions and is a key dark matter program in the USA with strong leadership at Queen's University. With the recent arrival of the CERC Chair at Queen's University, there is a new initiative to merge it with a similar European program to create a formidable research opportunity at SNOLAB.

The use of CPARC funds will enable increased Canadian leadership on SuperCDMS at Queen's, UBC and recently Toronto, and in particular the development of a new data acquisition system for the SNOLAB phase of the experiment, in conjunction with partners from TRIUMF, and the USA.