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SNOLAB Experiment: SNO+

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SNO+ is the multipurpose successor to the SNO experiment. The main goal is a search for the very rare process of neutrinoless double beta decay in tellurium.

In a later phase, the experiment will measure:

  • the low-energy solar neutrino spectrum to learn about neutrino oscillations and energy production in the sun
  • geo-neutrinos to learn about heat production in the earth
  • and supernova neutrinos to learn about the mechanics of stellar collapse

One of the challenging features of the experiment will be the control of radioactive backgrounds in complex mixtures of scintillator and tellurium. Hence this group will benefit greatly from the CFREF initiative to bolster the capability in radiochemistry.

The Canadian institutions active on the SNO+ experiment include Alberta, Laurentian, Queen's, SNOLAB and TRIUMF.