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SNOLAB Experiment: DEAP-3600

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DEAP-3600 is the search for dark matter using 3600 kg of liquid argon as a single-phase detector with excellent background rejection using pulse-shape discrimination.

WIMP interactions in the liquid argon will produce scintillation light that is observed by an array of photomultiplier tubes.

At the time of writing, the detector is fully assembled, being commissioned, and in the process of cooling to liquid argon temperatures. Data collection with liquid argon is expected to begin in April, 2016.

DEAP-3600 is particularly sensitive to higher mass dark matter candidates that have spin independent interactions, and in this regime it is competitive with the highest projected sensitivity of all experiments in operation or under construction.

The conceptual design of a next-generation, 50 tonne scale, DEAP detector is being developed. Such a detector will be required either if no dark matter signal is seen with the current levels of sensitivity, or if a signal is seen, as then the properties of the dark matter will need to be explored with greater accuracy. Such a detector will require improved photo-sensor technologies and lower radiological background to reach better sensitivity, and developing these technologies will be a part of the CPARC program.

The Canadian institutions active on the DEAP experiment include Alberta, Carleton, Queen's, SNOLAB and TRIUMF.